When to Seek Treatment for Your Seizures

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When to Seek Treatment for Your Seizures

Don't let seizures control your life; take charge with the help of a skilled neurologist. Personalized, comprehensive care can empower you to effectively manage seizures and embrace a better quality of life.

Seizures can be a frightening and overwhelming experience, both for the person experiencing them and their loved ones. While not all seizures require immediate medical attention, it's essential to understand when to seek the expertise of a neurologist. 

At Neurology Specialists of Albuquerque, adult neurologist, Dr. Timothy Ownbey routinely helps patients manage seizures using individualized comprehensive treatment plans. Whether you’ve had a seizure for the first time, or experience recurrent seizures, Dr. Ownbey can help. 

Read on to learn about the signs that point to it being time to consult a neurologist for your seizures and the benefits of early intervention.

When to seek a neurologist’s help

The following are the most common instances where it’s beneficial to see a neurologist for your seizures:

First-time seizure

It's crucial to visit a neurologist as soon as possible to determine the cause of a first-time seizure. Dr. Ownbey can discuss appropriate diagnostic tests, and devise a personalized treatment plan.

Recurring seizures

If you've experienced multiple seizures, consulting a neurologist becomes even more vital. Recurrent seizures may be a sign of an underlying neurological condition, such as epilepsy, that requires expert management.

Changes in seizure patterns

Changes in the frequency, intensity, or duration of your seizures, are a sign that it’s time to consult a neurologist. These changes may indicate a shift in your condition or suggest that your current treatment plan is no longer effective.

Inadequate seizure control

If your seizures are not well-managed with your current treatment, a neurologist can explore alternative options to improve seizure control and quality of life.

Side effects from medications

Some antiseizure medications can have adverse side effects. If you're experiencing significant side effects, a neurologist can help adjust your medication or recommend other medication and treatment options.

The importance of early intervention

Promptly seeking treatment from a neurologist is vital for effectively managing your seizures. Early intervention allows Dr. Ownbey to determine the cause of your seizures and provide an accurate diagnosis, which is crucial for effective treatment.

Dr. Ownbey specializes in devising tailored treatment plans that cater to your specific needs, and he possesses extensive knowledge of various antiseizure medications. Dr. Ownbey can optimize your medication regimen to minimize side effects and maximize effectiveness.

Comprehensive seizure care

When consulting with Dr. Ownbey for your seizures, you can expect comprehensive care tailored to your unique needs. Dr. Ownbey will review your medical history, perform a physical examination, and order appropriate diagnostic tests to determine the cause of your seizures.

Based on your diagnosis, Dr. Ownbey will create a customized treatment plan to manage your seizures effectively. This plan may include medications and lifestyle modifications.

Regular follow-up appointments will allow Dr. Ownbey to assess your response to treatment, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure your seizures are well-controlled.

Don’t wait until your seizures become unmanageable before seeking the help of a neurologist. If you or a loved one is experiencing seizures, consult with Dr. Ownbey to ensure you receive the appropriate care and support.

For expert seizure care, call our Albuquerque office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ownbey today.